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59, gokudera

Chibi Vocaloid Papercraft

I present Chibi papercrafts for the community! Ever since I made Chibi Miku, I've wanted to make the entire Vocaloid family... and here they are! The finished products of my struggles with photoshop. I've posted them on deviantart, so feel free to download and print them out. I ask in return that papercrafters be curteous and not redistribute these patterns for profit nor remove my watermarks off the patterns. Thank you for your understanding!

1.  Kagamine Rin and Len


Rin: http://desubunny.deviantart.com/art/Kagamine-Rin-Papercraft-147809832
Len: http://desubunny.deviantart.com/art/Kagamine-Len-Papercraft-147809644

Special Edition Rin and Len in Maid costumes: 

2. Megurine Luka (Magnet Edition)

Luka: http://desubunny.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Megurine-Luka-148219386

3. Other Vocaloids
Kaito: http://desubunny.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Kaito-Papercraft-148577441
Meiko: http://desubunny.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Meiko-Papercraft-148577692
Kasane Teto: http://desubunny.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Kasane-Teto-Papercraft-147395206
Black Rock Shooter Miku: http://desubunny.deviantart.com/art/Black-Rock-Shooter-Miku-135178737
Gumi: http://desubunny.deviantart.com/art/Vocaloid-Megpoid-Papercraft-148827394
Gakupo: http://desubunny.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Gakupo-Papercraft-148826725

Chibi Miku (made by Niseke):

 Please check my deviantart account for further updates!


fff thank you for sharing these! They're absolutely adorable *_____* I'm definitely printing a few out<3
Thanks for sharing! These are so cute uwaaahhhhhh ;A;

whoot, I wasn't certain about posting Utauloids when I planned on making a Vocaloid family, you're so encouraging!

Hehe, I love the UTAUloids, so if you ever get bored and consider making more papercrafts... c:
omgosh this is the cutest thing! Thank you! :D
FFFFFFFFF thank you for sharing this! They're so adorable. ♥
Oh look, it's Byakuran-sama~

You should go make the Reborn! papers as well.
Just printed off Luka. Hoping to see Gumi uploaded soon.
yes! And I was worried that Gumi had no fans, so I was saving Gakupo (my favorite) and her to post last.

You sir, have excellent taste in Vocaloids.
Ah cool - just printed it off. Luka's going to have a friend sometime tonight. In glorious black and white of course, lol.
Papercraft Gumi

Paper Gumi has some issues with standing, but at least Luka has company. I think if I make more of these, I'll have to forego the scissors and use an exacto knife instead.
Chibis have all top-heavy. Unless Gumi's goggles are weighing her down, in that case, blame the illustrator FFFFFF- I think I'm slightly mad that Gumi has such an old school design.

I highly recommend you glue them to stands, that way, they stand up no matter what.
I have her standing on a ledge leaning against Luka. I kind of like her design, but then again at some point I want to try illustrating her in a steampunk outfit.
Thanks. My iPod and lappy are loaded with Miku, Luka, Gumi and more recently Kiyoteru Hiyama and SF-A2 Miki.
Uwaa cuteee <3
*Print Rin & len*

Thank you very much!!
ohh! These are so cute! Thanks for sharing.
these r so cute! i loved ur reborn ones, and i definitely love these~ i cant wait to see the Megpoid one =3
They are now up on my deviantart!
Me with Paper Luka

Paper Luka kept me company for the New Year. Yeah, I have a laser printer with no color.
FFFFFFFFFFF- looks awesome! It's up to you to stick Magnet headphones on her, though.
I didn't really want the butterfly ears, and I realized I glued the legs a little too high so you can't see them in the pic.
OMG you're truly amazing! wwwwwww
I made Gumi, Gakupo, Rin and Len C: today~ they're gorgeous. C: thank you for making them! [any chance of a miki showing up one day~ : D]
The finished products look amazing! My printer kind of sucks, so my previews look inferior to yours, haha.

Miku exists! However, I cannot post her on dA because it's not one of my works.

I've uploaded it onto photobucket for you: http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss123/cosplaymoe/Cirno/chibi_miku.png

Original source: http://www.niseke.com/dl.html
Or... if Miki is not a typo for Miku, then I apologize, I won't be making a Furukawa Miki version.
Yeah Miki not Miku. (aww miki is my favourite vocaloid. ahhh) I just used a cheap printer I got for free from buying a laptop. aha. But I used cover stock rather than printing paper C:

I'll be making the rest soon before I lose my patience ;D
aha, I'm sorry. I'm tied down with other prompts on dA for the moment, I think that additional Vocaloid papers will be put on hiatus for now.

Waa thankyou for sharing these.
Will make some later to play with 8D
59, gokudera

February 2011



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